A while!

I have not blogged for a while, and well I have a bit of free time now, so why not? I am working hard as always, but have moved away considerably from the web side of things to more the full throws of technical support. The tech world has moved on so much in the last couple of years – 3D tv? I personally think this is a fad, but hey! Tron was diabolical half of it was 2D! ripped off! Tablets? I think they are something that are here to stay  – some say they are going to replace the PC pretty soon in your home. If you are a novice user of a PC or average user that checks email or uses Facebook / social networking then yes this is true. If you are like me and spend your time building exchange virtual PC’s and other such like, then to me the PC / Laptop is definitely not going the same way as the dodo went several years ago. In fact, I am revamping my internal infrastructure this year and building a desktop – as a hobby and to gain more hardware experience – also for the pure enjoyment. Right, that is about it really for the moment….I am hungry …lets eat!


Author: musclemedia & techdesk

Hi I am Edward Frank Wootton - Web | Audio | Media | PC | Mac Consultant and this is my blog to go alongside my website "Musclemedia". I like audio editing, video, volunteering, cycling around my local area and listening to music. Any more...Just Ask!

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