So, my name is Bella, the AMD Ryzen 7 Processor with 32GB Vengeance RAM and Wraith Cooler Full Tower PC. This is my build story.

Welcome to BELLA[DOT]techdesk[DOT]me[DOT]uk – I started life as an idea, that began with PC PartPicker ( : I drew up an initial plan and sent it to my colleagues. Now this is the first time I had ever built a PC using brand new parts. Normally, it is parts given to me by different people, usually YEARS old and you spend half the time fitting a square peg in a triangle shaped hole! With Work taking on new products quite regularly now, I run various VM’s at home – which to be honest my 5 year old core i7 6GB Acer Aspire E1-575 laptop was starting to struggle with, now the likes of Windows 2012 / 2016 were on the scene. Also Excel 2016, real issues there.. Tried everything, became tired. So, Get ready for major remodel, fellas! We’re back in hardware mode! (Ref : Tony Stark, Iron Man 2 – Yes, Marvel Reference – had to be done!)

So about 2-3 months back, I set about saving pennies and had a rough budget of £700 to begin with, but after drawing up my initial plan using PC PartPicker, my colleague Alan quite rightly pointed out, “why use spinning rust” – “SSD’s” – Alan, Damn straight, Why was I?? I think I was so focused on getting compatible parts and getting it all to fit, I just clicked the largest hard disk known to man and being a pc with a purpose of running VM’s – I thought, STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE.

So after much re-adjusting, I came up with another spec (and also cranked the budget from 700 to 1000

£8.48£8.48PC World BusinessBuy


and sent over to the my colleagues for further advice and as PC partpicker also said, they came back with this :

From: Alan
Sent: 09 August 2018 08:49
To: Edward
Subject: RE: BOBO 2018

There are no graphics built into that motherboard, and the CPU Cooler needs an adapter to work with it. Check compatibility notes at the bottom 😉

The mobo has 6x SATA, so I wouldn’t be worried about losing two, just check if it’s two specific ones when you build so you’re not wondering why your SSDs aren’t working.

I’d also consider splitting the 8GB RAM into 2x4GB if you can, more bandwidth that way (take advantage of Dual Channel, like nic-teaming and server RAM does)

So Back to the drawing board once more..I am glad he pointed out the motherboard lacking on board graphics, I never noticed! easy mistake! So I re-adjusted, chucked in a cheap graphics card (I liked the motherboard) plus it had good reviews!

Finally I came back with :

My Manager Jon, responded with the following advice of splitting the RAM into equal sticks of 4 x 8GB each – like you would in a server (RAM slots being paired in servers) so not to have mixed memory sizes  – He also asked why I had chucked in a graphics card, to which Alan and I pointed out there was no on-board. Oh and they also mocked me for originally calling the project ‘BOBO’ – as it was replacing my laptop (which was called BOBO) but as time went on, I decided to keep BOBO as my lounge laptop for streaming to the chromecast on TV and so this PC became BELLA instead (all my kit is named after Pet names, past and present!) Also I had a LAN card in the spec – there was no need for that as the mobo has on-board LAN.
So the last part of the Puzzle was a cooler.. All the warnings from PC PartPicker Kept telling me I might need an adaptor to fit the cooler to the board, so after much research and digging around on the web, I found this cooler which fitted nicely with the board :

CPU Cooler

and so the final build was born!

Alan also recommended Arctic Silver Thermal Paste, as the thermal paste you get is well rubbish! – I managed to get some from Amazon! 🙂 Brilliant! I set about ordering and the parts arrived pretty quickly! So pleased all round. Now on to the build itself…, part of musclemedia & techdesk

The build itself… Can be shown.. really in Pictures :

The Unboxing…..


Gonna have to make room for my full size case….


The PSU….


The Motherboard…..


Sticking it all together…. (the Wraith Cooler and CPU are in this lot – with the arctic silver paste!)


As above, this : The Ryzen 7, 1800x – is in that lot!


Bit tricky getting the Wraith Cooler on but we made it in the end. There was also 32GB of Vengence RAM that went in the mix, creating a powerful machine that has the ability to run a series of testing VM’s to learn an ever changing world of software and tech!

After this, The M.2 500GB card from Samsung was connected – along with 2 x Kingston SSD drives – 250GB a piece – a RAID 0 (Simple, no resilience in Windows Speak) was setup and Windows 10 Pro installed. Leaving me with a lovely fast machine for 2018. The electric light display, although pretty, has been turned off since!  cable ties were used in the making of this PC and the pictures kinda stopped after this, as hardware mode took over!

Since then 4 x VM’s have been created, using Hyper-V as VMWARE does not play nice with anything but Intel… That is a tad annoying! 3 Windows and 1 Ubuntu with more to come! a really ace platform!


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